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A winter world for everyone, making the best memories with the whole family. Experience a day full impressive shows, spectacular attractions and a crazy adventure. A complete day out for the little ones and the older ones. Explore Het Amsterdamse Winterparadijs now! 

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  • Het Lichtjesparadijs Curved white background

    Het Lichtjesparadijs

    New this year. A magical world where the first sparkle glows. Go on an adventure through beautiful light sculptures and thousands of twinkling …

  • The Wonder Slope Curved white background

    The Wonder Slope

    New this year! If you thought it couldn't get any more fun, you're wrong. Because in addition to the high slope, we also have a brand new Wonder …

  • Curling Curved white background


    Throwing, sweeping, spinning, swishing, sliding. You just have to be able to do it all or at least try. Whether you're experienced or a real …

  • Indoor ice skating rink Curved white background

    Indoor ice skating rink

    Skate under a sky of twinkling lights and turn a pirouette on the largest temporary skating rink in the Netherlands. 

  • The Après-ski village Curved white background

    The Après-ski village

    Après-ski: the time of day when the sun sinks behind the mountains, but the atmosphere in the mountains, or in this case the Après-ski almhutte, …

  • Ferris Wheel Curved white background

    Ferris Wheel

    Have you seen our beautiful capital city from above? Discover the magnificent view of Amsterdam from our mega Ferris wheel. 

  • The Sliding Slope Curved white background

    The Sliding Slope

    As you slide down, you can't help but laugh with joy. Feel the adrenaline rush through your body and the jitters in your stomach as you slide …

  • Cross-country Skiing Curved white background

    Cross-country Skiing

    Start your journey on the 400-meter-long trail through a vast winter landscape and experience how real cross-country skiers face the winter!

  • Cakewalk Curved white background


    Shaking floors, moving stairs, turning hallways; you can find it all in the Cakewalk. But is it really a Cakewalk?

  • Swing ride Curved white background

    Swing ride

    Een nostalgische zweefmolen hoort er natuurlijk bij. Neem plaats en zweef lekker mee.

  • The snowgarden Curved white background

    The snowgarden

    Immerse yourself, and each other, in snowflakes. And don't worry, it won't get cold because this is magic snow.

  • The Magical Theatre Curved white background

    The Magical Theatre

    You have come to the right place for the best magic and illusions in the Netherlands!

  • Mega swing ride Curved white background

    Mega swing ride

    Float through the air in our 40-meter high carousel, while enjoying the beautiful view of The Amsterdam Winter Paradise. Do you dare to hop on?

  • Outside Ice skating rink Curved white background

    Outside Ice skating rink

    Glide down our enchanting outdoor skating rink surrounded by sparkling lights and the festive Winter Square.

  • Merry-go-round Curved white background


    Will you take a seat in the fire truck, on a horse or get on a plane? This is the only choice you have to make , the merry-go-round will do the …

  • (B)angel theatre Curved white background

    (B)angel theatre

    From reading aloud, puppet shows and Sjaak the pirate to nothing less than a wintercircus. Everything is possible...

  • Roasting Marshmallows Curved white background

    Roasting Marshmallows

    Buy a bag of marshmallows and roast them by the crackling fire. Gather around the fire pit and enjoy the warmth.

  • Children's ice skating rink Curved white background

    Children's ice skating rink

    New this year. A skating rink separate from the big skating rink. Especially for our youngest visitors up to 6 years.

  • Karakters Karaoke Bar Curved white background

    Karakters Karaoke Bar

    Perform for friends and family at our karaoke. Sing along with your favorite (winter) hits. 

  • Boomerang Slide Curved white background

    Boomerang Slide

    A boomerang, who doesn't know it? But a boomerang slide? Climb the 10-meter-high track and slide down, back down, back up and back again. 

  • Little train Curved white background

    Little train

    Board our enchanting little train and be taken through the Winter Paradise full of snow and light. 

  • Snowparty Curved white background


    New this year. We can't give too much away because that would ruin the surprise. So step inside and let the experience surprise you.

  • Ice Racing Curved white background

    Ice Racing

    Are you an ice racing king or queen? Dont miss out on experiencing this winter sport. Imagine yourself on a real race track and go for first …

  • Silent Après-ski Curved white background

    Silent Après-ski

    Dance in in our Silent Après-ski to music only you can hear. In this special schirmbar you can sing along unabashedly with the best hits and …

  • Silent Kids Après-ski Curved white background

    Silent Kids Après-ski

    New this year. You're never too young to learn. Especially for the little ones, we have the Silent kids après-ski this year.

  • Tino Martin Curved white background

    Tino Martin

    The one and only Tino Martin is once again coming to sing the stars from heaven! He has been there since day one, so he certainly cannot be …

  • Flemming Curved white background


    We look forward to welcoming FLEMMING to our paradise for the first time. We'll be singing along at the top of our voices and the dancing will, …

  • Zoë Tauran Curved white background

    Zoë Tauran

    With musical passion flowing through her veins and a voice so powerful and soulful, Zoë knows how to capture the hearts of her audiences like no …

  • Xander de Buisonjé Curved white background

    Xander de Buisonjé

    Xander de Buisonjé knows how to get the party started and get everyone dancing on the table. Not allowed but secretly very entertaining.

  • Jeroen van der Boom Curved white background

    Jeroen van der Boom

    It's one big party with Jeroen van der Boom on our music stage! Will you come and sing along with his greatest hits?

  • Joël Borelli Curved white background

    Joël Borelli

    In recent years, Joël Borelli has become one of the most in-demand pianists in the Netherlands and, of course, this year he is certainly not to …

  • Yves Berendse Curved white background

    Yves Berendse

    Let's dance, toast and enjoy with Yves Berendse on our music stage! We are so terribly looking forward to it!

  • Bilal Wahib Curved white background

    Bilal Wahib

    Last year we enjoyed Bilal Wahib on our music stage to the fullest. This year we invite him again. Will we see you shining there?

  • Turfy Gang Curved white background

    Turfy Gang

    What once started as a joke at a field hockey club in Maarssen, has now grown into a true sensation. This winter the men of Turfy Gang are …

  • Emma Heesters Curved white background

    Emma Heesters

    Last year, the beautiful Emma Heesters put on an amazing show on our music stage. This year she will once again blow everyone away with her …

  • Davy Keys Curved white background

    Davy Keys

    Davy Keys is a musical centipede and previously the band leader of the biggest Dutch artists, but it was time to let his own sound be heard and …

  • Alamaison Curved white background


    No matter where Tjerk Thuis aka 'Alamaison' puts on an act, you'll feel right at home in no time...completely at home. And that's just the way it …

  • Bam Boa Curved white background

    Bam Boa

    At Bam Boa, they take you on a culinary journey inspired by Mediterranean cuisine, with an Asian twist.

  • Bambu Curved white background


    Bambu is one of the largest hosting parties. At Bambu there is always something for everyone.

  • BAUT Curved white background


    BAUT's strength: recognisable dishes, high on flavour and service of the highest level. Come taste and be surprised!

  • Beer tables Curved white background

    Beer tables

    Enjoy the music and fun! Rent a beer table for you and your friends where you can sit with 16 people.

  • Bing Curved white background


    The Bing 30 Minutes Show is an upbeat performance of new songs from Bing with lots of interaction about Bing's birthday...

  • Brasserie Van Dam Curved white background

    Brasserie Van Dam

    Brasserie Van Dam is impossible to imagine Amsterdam without. You will experience the cosy atmosphere of a Parisian brasserie and the hospitality …

  • Bryan Stricker Curved white background

    Bryan Stricker

    On stage, Bryan Stricker knows how to touch his audience like no other with a variety of songs. From ballads to party numbers and from covers to …

  • Churros Curved white background


    Have you ever tasted churros? This snack made from fried wheat dough is also called the "Spanish doughnut. Highly recommended both as breakfast …

  • CinCin Gerlos Curved white background

    CinCin Gerlos

    CinCin Gerlos , Austria's most fun and cozy apres ski bar.

  • Coca-Cola Truck Curved white background

    Coca-Cola Truck

    The iconic Coca-Cola truck is coming to Het Amsterdamse Winterparadijs for a few days. Don't miss it.

  • Coffee & hot chocolate Curved white background

    Coffee & hot chocolate

    What should not be missing on a magical day out? Exactly! A cup of coffee or a delicious hot chocolate.

  • Danny Nicolay Curved white background

    Danny Nicolay

    We can promise you that this winter will be insane with Danny Nicolay during his show at Het Amsterdamse Winterparadijs.

  • De Tovertuin van Woezel & Pip Curved white background

    De Tovertuin van Woezel & Pip

    The Magic Garden of our friends Woezel and Pip can be visited in real life, will we see you there?

  • Emmi's Kaasfondue Curved white background

    Emmi's Kaasfondue

    Cheese lovers beware! This winter, of course, Emmi's Cheese Fondue cannot be missed.

  • Evert Curved white background


    Enjoy magic, illusion, comedy and acrobatics in this unique one man show played by Evert van Asselt.

  • Face painting Curved white background

    Face painting

    Let the magic of winter come to life with our enchanting face painting!

  • Fenna Ramos Curved white background

    Fenna Ramos

    With her own songs and well-known children's songs, Fenna invites children to sing and dance with her.

  • Fien & Teun Curved white background

    Fien & Teun

    Fien and Teun, two cheerful farm kids, playfully discover Dutch country life on the farm in the village of Molenwaard.

  • Funky Franz Curved white background

    Funky Franz

    Heidi's Almhütte is not to be missed at The Amsterdam Winter Paradise.

  • Het Feest van Joop Curved white background

    Het Feest van Joop

    A few years ago, two friends had the idea of opening a party bar. The idea was good, so was the location only the men had no money.

  • Het Koekemannetje Curved white background

    Het Koekemannetje

    Het Koekemannetje does everything to give you the most irresistible cookie.

  • Hüttefest Curved white background


    Rent your own Hüttefest chalet for the luxury partygoers among us. A chalet for 10 people on the VIP deck near the music stage with its own bar. 

  • Juf Roos Curved white background

    Juf Roos

    Juf Roos is a children's program with a recognizable Dutch touch. She is timeless, recognizable and everywhere.

  • Kidspop Curved white background


    Monique Smit performs the biggest hits and amusing songs and gives one big musical party; KidsPop.

  • Kimberly Fransens Curved white background

    Kimberly Fransens

    We are proud to welcome Kimberly Fransens for the first time this year. Will you come and admire her on our music stage?

  • L’entrecote Curved white background


    Tasty French cuisine is not to be missed either! L'entrecote et les dames is therefore temporarily opening its doors at our Winter Paradise.

  • La Bastille Curved white background

    La Bastille

    Cafe La Bastille is one of the most famous cafes in Leidseplein. There is always a good atmosphere. The music played there is a mix of …

  • Lucas Curved white background


    Lucas is a magician, presenter, playwright and storyteller. After completing his theater training, he decided to combine theater making with his …

  • Marc Floor Curved white background

    Marc Floor

    16-year-old Marc Floor is a real rising star! This year you can come and admire him on our music stage for the first time.

  • Melting Shack Raclette Curved white background

    Melting Shack Raclette

    Enjoy cheese, cheese and more cheese!

  • Mike Peterson Curved white background

    Mike Peterson

    Some artists are born to be on stage and know how to get all the audience along. That's Mike Peterson!

  • Pascal Redeker Curved white background

    Pascal Redeker

    Pascal Redeker knows how to throw a party. We are happy to have him back on our music stage this year.

  • Pasta Amici Curved white background

    Pasta Amici

    Did someone say PASTA! Stop by Pasta Amici for a delicious Arrabbiata or would you rather go for a Pesto alla Genovese or a Tartufo? We can …

  • Pick & Mix Curved white background

    Pick & Mix

    All candy lovers gather! Here you can find delicious sweets.

  • Pizza Amici Curved white background

    Pizza Amici

    The Amici serve traditional Neapolitan pizza. A Neapolitan pizza is different from the ordinary Roman pizza: higher edges, fuller dough, a wetter …

  • Poffertjes Curved white background


    Old Dutch poffertjes cannot be missing from our lineup. Surely no one can say no to this small, sweet treat?

  • Polly the Penguin Curved white background

    Polly the Penguin

    Meet our newest friend Polly the penguin! She invents the most exciting stories and even used to work at the circus. Will you come visit Polly's …

  • Puppet Theatre de Winter Curved white background

    Puppet Theatre de Winter

    Enter the theater and be surprised by the funniest and most colorful friends.

  • Quido van de Graaf Curved white background

    Quido van de Graaf

    Let's celebrate winter together with Quido van de Graaf on our stage! This is guaranteed to be fun. Will we see you there?

  • Rikki the reindeer Curved white background

    Rikki the reindeer

    The mischievous Rikki the reindeer has left Santa's gift bag open, causing them to run away. Will you help Rikki find the presents?

  • Robert van Hemert Curved white background

    Robert van Hemert

    Robert van Hemert is on our music stage for the second time this year! Let's enjoy his fantastic performance together.

  • Rudolph's swing ride Curved white background

    Rudolph's swing ride

    New this year. Feel like the one and only Santa Claus for a moment, because here you get into his sleigh and decide when Rudolph takes off or …

  • Ruth Jacott Curved white background

    Ruth Jacott

    With an artist like Ruth Jacott on the Music Stage, it will be an opening night to remember…

  • Schwenkgrill Curved white background


    Fancy a tasty sausage from the grill? Then you're right at the pour-over grill! It smells delicious and tastes even better. Will you come taste …

  • Singer songwriter Curved white background

    Singer songwriter

    This year we are giving up-and-coming talent a stage! More news about this soon.

  • Sjaak the Pirate Curved white background

    Sjaak the Pirate

    Ahoy Landlubbers! Step inside the (b)angel theate and go on an adventure with Sjaak the pirate. Will you soon be a real pirate too? Let Sjaak …

  • Sneeuwvlokje Curved white background


    Of course, our big friend Sneeuwvlokje will be there again this year! He will be around to cuddle with the little ones, shake their hands or take …

  • Sneeuwvlokje Craft Corner Curved white background

    Sneeuwvlokje Craft Corner

    What is the most fun thing for little ones to do? Crafts! Stop by Snowflakes Kidsclub, where creativity and fun come together.

  • Snelle & De Lieve Jongens Band Curved white background

    Snelle & De Lieve Jongens Band

    Snelle is now unmissable from the charts! With his grandiose band, he will play an epic show on our stage.

  • Snow princesses Curved white background

    Snow princesses

    They've walked right out of a fairy tale to visit Het Amsterdamse Winterparadijs. Will your little one soon be standing eye to eye with a real …

  • Spirited Union Winter Garden Curved white background

    Spirited Union Winter Garden

    Warm yourself up with delicious winter cocktails like Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate, Honey Apple rum and the Winter Colada, all made with Spirited …

  • Street Nacho Curved white background

    Street Nacho

    Street Nacho! The name might say it all, but this is the place to go for the tastiest nachos! Who doesn't love these? Everyone from young to old …

  • Sven Versteeg Curved white background

    Sven Versteeg

    Sven Versteeg turns the venue upside down with every performance, which is why we are happy to welcome him to Het Amsterdamse Winterparadijs

  • Tante Roosje Curved white background

    Tante Roosje

    Tante Roosje, the cozy Amsterdam atmosphere in a modern jacket.

  • Terug naar Toen Curved white background

    Terug naar Toen

    Terug naar Toen is no ordinary classic party, it is an experience that every generation can relate to.

  • The Cooldown Cafe “De Kleine” Curved white background

    The Cooldown Cafe “De Kleine”

    At The Cooldown Cafe "De Kleine" you are sure to get your feet off the floor and put your hands in the air!

  • The Green Bar Curved white background

    The Green Bar

    Fancy a delicious wrap? At The Green Bar, you can go for a delicious wrap argentine chicken or a veggie wrap. Come by and taste!

  • The Mini Ferris Wheel Curved white background

    The Mini Ferris Wheel

    New this year. The mini Ferris wheel offers a view over the snow paradise. Great for our little visitors and the big ones who don't like heights …

  • The Tiroler Truck Curved white background

    The Tiroler Truck

    Fancy some delicious pea soup or grandma's meatballs on bread? Then you've come to the right place at The Tiroler Truck!

  • The Winter Cinema Curved white background

    The Winter Cinema

    The coziest movie experience in a winter setting. Take a seat in our living room cinema and enjoy Christmas classics.

  • VR-experience Curved white background


    New this year VR in the one and only Coca Cola truck! Imagine putting on a pair of magic glasses and suddenly being immersed in another world.

  • Warm Winter stories Curved white background

    Warm Winter stories

    Let yourself be carried away in a magical story. Come and listen to a beautiful winter story and be enchanted in the (B)engeltjes Theater.

  • Winter Circus Curved white background

    Winter Circus

    Enter the magical world of Polly's Winter Circus. Our brand new friend Polly has invited a fantastic circus act.

  • Winter Fair Curved white background

    Winter Fair

    Stop by the winter fair! Where adventure, excitement and fun come together as you enjoy a series of unforgettable carnival activities.

  • Woezel & Pip Show Curved white background

    Woezel & Pip Show

    Woezel & Pip, the sweetest dogs in the world, will perform for two days during Het Amsterdamse Winterparadijs with a cheerful mini show for all …

  • Wolkenbolletjes & Crêpes Curved white background

    Wolkenbolletjes & Crêpes

    At Patisserie La Vie en Rose, taste the most delicious Crepes and Wolkenbolletjes!

  • Yuzu Dining Bar Curved white background

    Yuzu Dining Bar

    It will be ultimate enjoyment of Japanese Bao Buns. Sit down for that while enjoying a Yuzu sake, originally a drink you get when you are with …

  • Après-Ski Dorp Curved white background

    Après-Ski Dorp

    We have already put the skis in front of the door, hung up the hunting trophies, you only have to step inside with your friends.

  • Het Foodparadijs Curved white background

    Het Foodparadijs

    Delicious gastronomic enjoyment at Het Amsterdamse Winterparadijs. This year, the city's most popular catering establishments will once again …

  • Het Muziekpodium Curved white background

    Het Muziekpodium

    This year there is plenty of musical entertainment again at The Amsterdam Winter Paradise. Sing, dance and toast. Will we see you left or right …

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