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14to30 December

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Rai Amsterdam

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Het Amsterdamse Winterparadijs

De ultieme winterbeleving

We can’t wait until it is december again! It’s guaranteed to snow in the RAI Amsterdam. We’re going to turn on thousands little lights, build meters of ice, and cover everything in snow. We will do everything to make sure we can enjoy the ultimate winter experience together.

It is going to be an edition to remember for a lifetime and we hope to celebrate this together with you. Do you want to receive updates about Het Amsterdamse Winterparadijs first? Pre-register via the following form

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Discover Het Amsterdamse Winterparadijs


Here you'll find a map of Het Amsterdamse Winterparadijs. Click on one of the attractions and you'll find the opening times and the program

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  • The Après-ski village

    Après-ski: the time of day when the sun sinks behind the mountains, but the atmosphere in the mountains, or in this case the Après-ski almhutte, begins to warm up. 

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  • Silent Après-ski

    Dance in in our Silent Après-ski to music only you can hear. In this special schirmbar you can sing along unabashedly with the best hits and German schlagers. 

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  • Silent Kids Après-ski

    New this year. You're never too young to learn. Especially for the little ones, we have the Silent kids après-ski this year.

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  • Winter Fair

    Stop by the winter fair! Where adventure, excitement and fun come together as you enjoy a series of unforgettable carnival activities.

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  • Boomerang Slide

    A boomerang, who doesn't know it? But a boomerang slide? Climb the 10-meter-high track and slide down, back down, back up and back again. 

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  • Het Lichtjesparadijs

    New this year. A magical world where the first sparkle glows. Go on an adventure through beautiful light sculptures and thousands of twinkling lights.

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  • (B)angel theatre

    From reading aloud, puppet shows and Sjaak the pirate to nothing less than a wintercircus. Everything is possible...

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  • The Magical Theatre

    You have come to the right place for the best magic and illusions in the Netherlands!

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  • Roasting Marshmallows

    Buy a bag of marshmallows and roast them by the crackling fire. Gather around the fire pit and enjoy the warmth.

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  • Ferris Wheel

    Have you seen our beautiful capital city from above? Discover the magnificent view of Amsterdam from our mega Ferris wheel. 

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  • Merry-go-round

    Will you take a seat in the fire truck, on a horse or get on a plane? This is the only choice you have to make , the merry-go-round will do the rest..

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  • Het Foodparadijs

    Delicious gastronomic enjoyment at Het Amsterdamse Winterparadijs. This year, the city's most popular catering establishments will once again open their pop-up restaurants here, bringing the …

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  • Swing ride

    Een nostalgische zweefmolen hoort er natuurlijk bij. Neem plaats en zweef lekker mee.

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  • Het Muziekpodium

    This year there is plenty of musical entertainment again at The Amsterdam Winter Paradise. Sing, dance and toast. Will we see you left or right in front of the main stage?

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  • Beer tables

    Enjoy the music and fun! Rent a beer table for you and your friends where you can sit with 16 people.

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  • Indoor ice skating rink

    Skate under a sky of twinkling lights and turn a pirouette on the largest temporary skating rink in the Netherlands. 

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  • Outside Ice skating rink

    Glide down our enchanting outdoor skating rink surrounded by sparkling lights and the festive Winter Square.

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  • Hüttefest

    Rent your own Hüttefest chalet for the luxury partygoers among us. A chalet for 10 people on the VIP deck near the music stage with its own bar. 

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  • Curling

    Throwing, sweeping, spinning, swishing, sliding. You just have to be able to do it all or at least try. Whether you're experienced or a real beginner, curling is fun for everyone.

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  • The snowgarden

    Immerse yourself, and each other, in snowflakes. And don't worry, it won't get cold because this is magic snow.

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  • Singer songwriter

    This year we are giving up-and-coming talent a stage! More news about this soon.

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  • The Winter Cinema

    The coziest movie experience in a winter setting. Take a seat in our living room cinema and enjoy Christmas classics.

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  • De Tovertuin van Woezel & Pip

    The Magic Garden of our friends Woezel and Pip can be visited in real life, will we see you there?

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  • The Mini Ferris Wheel

    New this year. The mini Ferris wheel offers a view over the snow paradise. Great for our little visitors and the big ones who don't like heights so much.

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  • Little train

    Board our enchanting little train and be taken through the Winter Paradise full of snow and light. 

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  • Mega swing ride

    Float through the air in our 40-meter high carousel, while enjoying the beautiful view of The Amsterdam Winter Paradise. Do you dare to hop on?

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  • Ice Racing

    Are you an ice racing king or queen? Dont miss out on experiencing this winter sport. Imagine yourself on a real race track and go for first place. Ready, set, GO!

    More info
  • The Sliding Slope

    As you slide down, you can't help but laugh with joy. Feel the adrenaline rush through your body and the jitters in your stomach as you slide down.

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  • The Wonder Slope

    New this year! If you thought it couldn't get any more fun, you're wrong. Because in addition to the high slope, we also have a brand new Wonder Slope this year.

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  • Children's ice skating rink

    New this year. A skating rink separate from the big skating rink. Especially for our youngest visitors up to 6 years.

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  • Karakters Karaoke Bar

    Perform for friends and family at our karaoke. Sing along with your favorite (winter) hits. 

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  • VR-experience

    New this year VR in the one and only Coca Cola truck! Imagine putting on a pair of magic glasses and suddenly being immersed in another world.

    More info
  • Snowparty

    New this year. We can't give too much away because that would ruin the surprise. So step inside and let the experience surprise you.

    More info
  • Cakewalk

    Shaking floors, moving stairs, turning hallways; you can find it all in the Cakewalk. But is it really a Cakewalk?

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  • Rudolph's swing ride

    New this year. Feel like the one and only Santa Claus for a moment, because here you get into his sleigh and decide when Rudolph takes off or lands.

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