The Christmas Cinema

Crash onto one of the beanbags and enjoy the best Christmas movies!

Crash onto one of the beanbags and enjoy the best Christmas movies, while being surrounded by Christmas trees en Christmas lights. Enjoy some snacks and drinks while we take care of a great movie experience.

The Christmas Cinema agenda:

The Christmas Cinema will be released soon! Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram page!

Plan your visit!

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"Dutch gezelligheid" at the Winter square

The Winter square is the place to be to get together outside while being surrounded by Christmas lights and Christmas trees

Real snow in the Snow paradise

Can you remember the last white Christmas? We cannot… Tragic right? At Het Amsterdamse Winterparadijs you are assured of the nostalgic Christmas feeling with real snow!

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Ice skating on the 2200m² indoor and outdoor skating rink under a sky full of stars while Mariah Carey sounds from the speakers. A truly unique ice experience with speed lane, ice bar and curling tracks.

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Movie&Culture paradise

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